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Dialog Drama Bahasa Inggris

Magic of the fairy utterance

Previously, there was a widow who has two daughters. The eldest child, proud and angry as her mother, while the youngest is sweet and gentle.

The mother is spoiling hereldest  who has similar properties to her, and treat the youngest to the very poor. She sent the youngest to do almost all the work at home. One of the unfortunate task of the youngest is 1 kilometer walk away
in spring and bring back water in a large bucket.

On a day when the youngest was taking water in the
spring, an old woman came and asked for water to drink.

Old woman       : "May I ask for water to drink?"
The youngest    : "Well, wait a minute, I'll get clean water to the mother."

She picked the most crystal clear water and clean, and handed it to the old woman with water jug ​​that can be easily taken.

Old woman: "You are very polite and helpful, so I'll give you a miracle. Every word you say will issue a flower, precious stones , and pearls from the mouth. "

The youngest did not understand the old woman. She just smiled and said goodbye and walked home.

The youngest    : "Mother, I go home for now."

Arriving at home ...

Mother      : "Where were you? Bring the water for a long time. "
The youngest    : "Excuse me ma'am, I was helping an
old woman who asked for water to drink, and after that she gave me a miracle."

During the youngest told, flowers, gemstones, and pearls continue to fall out of his mouth.

Mother              : "You lie." (Snaps his mother)
The youngest    : "I do not lie ma’am."
Mother              : "Well, she should tell your sister went there."

Then she sent the eldest to go to the spring.

Mother              : "Sis, you go the spring, and if you meet an old woman and please be nice to her."
The eldest         : "I do not want to ma’am, the place is very far away."

The eldest who are lazy do not want to go walk that far, but firmly, her mother told her to go.

Mother      : "Hurry, go now!"
(While giving a silver pitcher to first-born)

Grumbling the eldest walked to the springs.

The eldest: "uurrgghh .. I would definitely tired when I got there. "

On arriving there, she met the old woman. But this time the old woman dressed like a queen. Then the old woman asked for water to the eldest.

Old woman : "May I ask for water to drink?

The eldest : "What? You think I came this far just to give you a drink? And do not think you can drink from my silver teapot. If you want a drink, just take your own the spring. "

Because of h
er rough, old woman who is actually a fairy's curse.

Old woman       : "You are very rude, and I will curse. For every word you say, a frog and the snake will fall out of your mouth! "

The eldest was surprised to hear it, and she remembered the words her mother to help and do good if it met the old woman. The eldest was immediately rushed home and left the old woman.

Arriving at home ..

The eldest : "Mom ... I had met an old woman who asked for a drink to me, but I do not give it, then she cursed me."

When told, some snakes and frogs falling out of his mouth.

Mother      : "Gosh, this is disgusting! It's all because of
the youngest. Where is she?
The mother then went looking for the youngest,

Mother      : "It was here, the basis of your child a liar, see your sister, your fault, all she's talking frogs and snakes are constantly issuing from her mouth."
The youngest    : "Please mom, I'm not lying."
Mother : "Then why did not your sister like you? but she just cursed. "
The eldest : "True youngest, do you hate me so you tell the old woman to curse me?"
The youngest    : "I do not hate you, I do not know why the old woman put a curse instead." (While crying)
Mother      : "Because you've lied to the mother, the mother will expel you."
The youngest    : "Do not be a mother, if I cast out
where I had to stay ?"
Mother      : "I do not care, go away and never come back."

While crying, the youngest  was gone ..
A few hours later, the youngest not yet found a home for h
erto stay, and she stopped in forest and sat under a tree while crying.

A prince who was hunting was surprised to see a girl who was crying alone the forest.

Prince       : "hey, what's wrong with you? Why are you crying all alone this
forest? "
The youngest    : "I'm driven by my mother, and I do not know where to stay." (Still crying)

When told, flowers, pearls, and precious stones were falling from his mouth.

Prince       : "Behold, your mother is cruel woman."

Then, the youngest was telling all these events from the beginning, and the prince was interested and in love with her. And the prince also know his father would not mind getting a good law like that, especially with pearls and precious stones continues to produce.

Prince       : "You're a good girl, then will you stay with me and marry me?"
The youngest    : "Are you serious prince?"

The youngest was surprised to hear the words of the prince, but the youngest happy because there is still a matter with h

Prince       : "I'm serious, you are a
girl good and helpful, and I liked woman like that. So, will you marry me? "
The youngest    : "(smile), prince yes I do."

So the youngest prince was brought to the
castle, and then they get married and live happily.

Then, the attitude of the eldest at home is becoming increasingly erratic, and she was constantly frogs and snakes issuing from her mouth. To the extent that her mother was out of the house.

Mother      : "Go away from here, I do not want to live with a disgusting child like you."
The eldest : "Mom, why are you so bear with me? Well if that's what you want, I'll go from here. "

Finally the eldest out of his house, she did not know where to go and again no one wants to be with her because of its poor, coupled with the frogs and the snakes are kept out of his mouth, she finally left alone in the middle forest.

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